So I've got tonsillitis again for about the 500th time in the past year and a half. On Monday I have an appointment to talk with a ear nose and throat specialist about finally getting my tonsils removed I guess I have some thing where I've had tonsillitis and strep so much that my tonsils are permanently enlarged. gross. So I was reading about tonsillectomies in adults and some say that the recovery hurts worse than child birth. Oh god. the recovery time is about 2 to 3 weeks and there can be abnormal bleeding in the the throat. I'm really nervous and I haven't even scheduled the surgery yet. Christmas is coming up soon. I usually ADORE this time of year but it seems to soon I feel like I'm being rushed towards Christmas. I'm not even going to be able to afford Christmas shopping until the 20th of December. I went to Chemeketa to turn in my Psychology book (what B.S. class) and they told me it wasn't worth anything because they changed the edition. Seriously Someone should come up with an idea for renting text books. pay like 5 bucks each month for every text you have out. It's smart then you're guaranteed not to be stuck with a book that's worthless. I think I failed both my classes this term trying to work too much. It's really frustrating. I'm a b student and I failed for the first time in college. Oh well finals are over and it's Christmas break now!

So I had a thought the other day.....If the idea of Christianity leads to heaven who does Christ worship? Himself? Another religious icon? Maybe he's just really really really narcissistic. Like "heaven" is just a big church devoted to himself with stain glass pictures of all the "amazing" things he's done so he can look at himself every day. Kind of like Tyra Banks on her talk show and "Americas' Next Top Model"

Anyways I have to go into work today at least I talked them down to only working for 4 hours instead of 9. I still feel like my head is going to explode. I'm supposed to work tomorrow but I Really don't want to. I'd rather go to Portland and powells with Jess. YAY biggest book store on the west coast. It really is amazing it's an entire city block and like 3 stories full of books. Is it wrong to fake your own death to get out of work?

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