For some reason this year it just didn't feel like Christmas yet. I wanted another week or two. I feel that I didn't really get into the whole super cold weather and "holiday cheer" stuff. But then on Christmas it started to snow during the afternoon for a few hours it was fantastic. It's the first time it's snowed here on Christmas in 17 years. Then my dads side of the family came over....
they are the biggest bunch of lunatics no joke.
My cousin is permanently ill but there's a point where babying him is just toooo much. I swear he's going to end up like the guy from psycho keeping his dead mothers body in his basement pretending to be her when he's like 40. She seriously asked him after he went to the bathroom "did you wash? Did you put the seat down? Did you use toilet paper?" seriously what the hell haha god that caught me so off guard. Later on she asked him if she could help him cut up his ham for him..... oh yeah... and he's 12!
I didn't really get anything I asked for for Christmas but oh well. I think i got like a lint roller and that was the most exciting gift I got because I can never find one for me jacket. It was fun making fun of my dads family with mom though after they left.
My dads brothers gift takes the cake though. He is going through his midlife crisis and decided to give the entire family a mixed CD of songs that "move" him. How pathetic and cheap can you get. He just moved to Ireland so hopefully at least I can weasel a trip over there for his upcoming "nuptuals" to some kraut.

Working Christmas eve was pretty nuts. I can't believe how many people save all their shopping till the last minute. I'm kind of happy it's over and hopefully I can get all my bills paid now and such before its too late.
debt is one of the most sickening feelings.

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i do believe you have been ignoring your blog...