What's the point

of being a woman if you're 19 and infertile and sickyly.

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Euan Craig said...

We often ask ourselves why we are who we are. I know that I do. I think it is important to understand that the things that define our circumstances do not define our selves, they are merely the conditions that we find ourselves in. What defines our selves is the choices that we make when faced with lifes challenges.
I have not been 19 for two dozen years, another dragon like yourself. When I was younger I did not particularly like who I was, so I set about redefining myself. The most crucial turning point was turning my back on the world I knew, my family, my country, my culture, even my language, and moving from Australia to Japan to pursue my career as a potter. I came alone, all of my possessions reduced to a carrier bag. A complete reset. Now, 18 years later, I am the happiest man I know. Thankyou for visiting my site so long ago, and I am sorry for the delay in responding, I only discovered your comment today, and thank you for appreciating the beauty of simple things. That in itself makes you special. I hope that your new life in new jersey is a catalyst for a bright and happy future.